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Yasin Valley

Pakistan is a blessed with the beauty and nature as alandmark. In Pakistan, there are some places that are must visit for the tourists and Yasin valley is one of these places. It is a high mountain valley in HindukushMountain in GilgitBaltistan. Yasin valley is the most captivating and beautiful place to be in nature definitely Gilgit adds the charm of the place by the grace of almighty. Back in 1880, YasinValleywasunder the Maharaja of Kashmir. This valley is attracting and eye catching place for visitors and tourists. The place consists of thevillage and passes. 

Talking about my recent visit to YasinValley could not keep me from visiting such a beautiful and heavenly place, which reminds me of a heaven and heals my soul. My visit to Yasin valley is about a month ago and I just cannot get through it. The beauty of the valley cannot be forgotten easily. I had a memorable experience of God gifted valley. I was so happy to see the people of valley speaking their traditional language(Khowar and Brusaski) and another one is called Sheena. This place is a mandatory visit to the people who are off to Gilgit.

The visit reminds me of a beautiful visit and I have found an amazing experience there. 

Population and Yasin Valley

In Yasinvalley, the most of the people who live are from Ismaili community who live their life according to Islamic perspective. The people who live in the most soulful place of our country who are best known for their honesty, dedication, and their work for their bravery. The best from my visit was observed by me was the kind of people I found there. 

Villages and YasinValley

Yasin Valley also consists of the most beautiful villages of Pakistan. They are divided into four locals called as Yasin, sultanabad, silgham, and thoi. Yasin has villages of Gindai, and Maka, Akash, Thodars, Nazblur, valley and some of themore gazing villages. I visited Sultanabad with my family and the great people of the village warmly welcomed us, as they are too humble with their guests. We had their traditional meal and learned some of the words from their sweet language. The overall views and lands of the valley were glorious to see and it was nice to stay there I wish I could visit it repeatedly.

Passes and Yasin village:

I have a memorable and the most beautiful experience of my life at Yasin village I can say that hoe blessed I am to be at this place on my visit and more trip to go on definitely.It is one the most peaceful and soothing place on earth. The time that I spent was worth, memorable and full of pleasant moments of my life. This place is definitely the most god-gifted place in nature and beauty and the grace of the place. I will never forget my visit to this glorious valley.

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