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Upper Kachura Lake

Pakistan a wonderland for the tourists, a nature land for the nature lovers, a miracle for the people who have not explored it yet. God gifted us Pakistan not to just practice our religious beliefs but also to explore and enjoy the land to its peak, even He wanted his mankind to live in such a place where there are enormous places showing their magic since it was even discovered. Over the last few years, tourism may have been deducted to some ratio due to the terrorism is done by our foes but still strong Pakistanis show them every year by visiting such places again and again and our army which is not less than anyone never holds back in defending this miraculous gifts gifted to us by Allah.

The Northern side of Pakistan is the richest amongst all parts of Pakistan, it has the most soothing, calm and beautiful sceneries one could have ever visited and experienced. Kachura Lake is just the gold of the same treasure which northern side is full of; it is situated in Skardu a district of Gilgit-Baltistan. The lake is at a height of more than 2 thousand meters. We can take an idea from that how cold it is going to be over there. It consists of two lakes actually one is the upper kachura and other is the lower kachura, the main difference between both is of the height, one is a bit higher while other is lower.

  • Lower Kachura Lake

The lowerlake, which is also known as,ShangrilaLake closer to the village of Kachura is actually located inside the Shangrila resort. One of the most popular tourist destination which was constructed in 1983 and people from then have made it a must visit whenever they visit Gilgit. It has an ideal location, which can be described like there is a greenery, which consists of that resort, grass, trees, after that in the front is the completely beautiful, calm and heart soothing lake, and just at the back of the resort is the huge mountain ranges of Karakorum.

The water of this lake is so clear and fresh that even it shows the inverted image of the mountains and greenery back to you, people are easily able to adjust themselves over here because it is not at much height due to which they prefer visiting this lake more.

  • Upper Kachura Lake

This lake is situated between mountainous range and asmall piece of land having some trees grown on it, the mountainous range that goes by it is the Karakorum Range. This lake is at height as compared to lower Kachura due to which the temperature over here remains cold even in summer, which is recorded as 15 Celsius, people like me from Karachi even feel cold in this. The weather at Winters makes the lake frozen, this is one of the reasons why people visit it a bit lesser than thelower one. Still, the beauty of this lake is an example of its own.

The water at upper one remains clear as crystal and is known to be having a good depth too. There are many rocks which are actually in between the lake and their height is way too less, which actually becomes a good spot to stand for a while and have a good view of the lake. Boats are mainly used for roaming at this lake, it gives a perfect view on the boat when you see all the trees and forests on your left and in the front is a huge range of mountains which are never ending and at the back is the collection of small rocks which are located in the middle of the lake.


Visiting such sort of places is just a plus point because you are able to explore two things at one place. A must visit tour and best place to stress out and enjoy your life!

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