University of Agriculture

The literacy rate in Pakistan among the age group of 15 to 24 has the literacy rate up to 72 % which is the last report published in 2004 and it is known that the literacy rate has increased from that time. People of Pakistan have developed their minds for studying as much as they could, before the 20thcentury, the concept of having bachelor’s degree was not that much within our society, but now everyone wants to be atmaster’s level at least. So yes, technically Pakistan has earned some good education sense in them.

Talking about one of the largest university of Pakistan, none other than theUniversity of Agriculture, a general university that is having all the departments of engineering, medical, business, arts etc. It is one of the oldest university as it was constructed in 1906, 40 years before the creation of Pakistan. It is having an area of more than 1900 acres where the campus is located. It is located in the Punjab province, in the city of Faisalabad. This university is having up to 10 faculties and more are under construction.

This university has a staff of up to 500 teachers or more, this shows that how immensely large area is university having to have different teachers for different departments, not only this but I can easily accommodate up to 5k students with the facility of sponsorships for them, that are up to 3k. These features of the Universityshow that how much beneficial it is for the students who are studying over there. The main goal of this university was to enhance the education in the field of agriculture as Pakistan major export and foreign exchange is due to the agricultural stuff.

The university is having a systematic way of being there; there is a list of acts, whichneed to be taken care while studying there. Every big institution needs rules and regulations to be followed and so does this university is also following their own acts and regulations for employees, students, staff etc. Due to its massive hard work and efforts, it consists of countless achievements in the researches; there is a list of research projects from which some of the most famous are “Management of Greening”, “Decision Support System for Better Crop” etc.

Coming to the architectural point of view then it is a massive project, which can accommodate up to 500 teachers, 5000 students in just one single department. Gate of the university is having to of openings one for the entrance and one for theexit, people can enter inside with their ID card verification and park their cars in the parking area. Students are not allowed to take their cars inside the department or faculty. The greenery of this university can be found near or close to any of the department you can visit, there are gardens just with the departments so that students can also enjoy the greenery over there and complete their assignments.

Pakistan being the country in Washington accord, which says that every engineer of Pakistan is now eligible to work in the whole world, is a great success, all of this success is just due to the efforts and hard work of such universities whose faculty, staff and teachers give such support and a platform to students for achieving such milestones. The agricultureUniversity of Faisalabad is the number one university of Pakistan considering the agricultural sector and now it has given much awareness to upcoming students about the vast field of agriculture and it is highly effective scope in Pakistan.

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