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Swat Valley

Talking about tourism, then you must mention the name of our beloved nation Pakistan. Being unlimitedly thankful of our Allah that He gifted us with a land, whichis filled with every type of resources, which nowadays people will have. These all thankfulness and praises are due to one of the most visited valleys of the world, it is known as Swat valley.

Swat is situated in the north of Pakistan, in our province of KPK. It is one of the most visited valleys of Pakistan, but just some years back as our nation was on the verge of losing this valley due to the influence of terrorists, but with the help of our military, we were able to have our control back. Weather of Swat mostly remains cold or low, and it is famous due to its dark greenery everywhere and because of the mountains too.

Visit to Swat Valley can sum up in all the points given below:

  1. Mountainous View

How does it feel when you are at such a place where there is only silence, a wind nature and a front view of huge tall mountains, covered all over with ice on it and touching the cold sky? That is the exact view, which many people find to live for, and Swat is that lucky place which is gifted with one of the most charming views of thesky with mountains. There are many cliffs and hills too where people love to hike and try to enjoy the coldest temperature at its peak. As swat is at height, it adoresgetting on the peak of any cliff and enjoying the whole view from up there. Where there is nothing but an appealing scenery which your eyes won’t stop from adoring such beauty.

  • Greenery

After the mountains there comes greenery, the land is full of greenery everywhere. There are different types of trees, bushes, plants, some of them grow fruits some of them are tall, etc. A green loving person would never want to leave such places; greenery is also good for our health as it creates oxygen in the whole daytime.

  • Lake

A freshwater lake is also there which makes its way from the mountain after every winter when the ice gets melted from mountains, and the glaciers start melting, just then water starts making its way to a place where it remains still. All the greenery and all the mountains surround the lake; there are some resorts, which make you,enjoy the moment to its very best.

  • Tribal People

People who mostly live there are Pathans, they speakpushtons and had constructed their houses there. They usually are fond of having cattle in their farms; they also use horses to travel within their small village or town. Pushtuns are usually of very big heart; they welcome their guests with such good nature that they usually make places in each of the tourists who interact them.


Being thankful to the Almighty ALLAH who gifted Pakistan a place like Swat and made us the nation of this same state where we can freely visit and enjoy the glance of heaven anytime. Nature is a real gift of God due to which we can relax, enjoy and ease our life. Visit to Swat always leaves a picture in my mind, whenever I think about nature is beautiful, then Swat comes into my mind automatically. A combination of great mountains, fertile lands, greenery everywhere, fresh water in the form of alake, wildlife having theball at its peak has a name, and that is ‘Swat.’

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