Supreme Court of Pakistan

Supreme Court is thehighest court in theJudicial hierarchy in Pakistan, located in Islamabad city, which is thecapital of Pakistan. There are one Chief justice and fifteen senior justices in Supreme Court of Pakistan.This is acourt of last resort. When cases after high court reach there,Supreme Courtfinalizes the cases by announcing final decisions in Pakistan.All of thejudicial authorities are bounded to bow infront of Supreme Court decisions. Supreme Court of Pakistan was structured again in its modern form in 1956, has the judicial power of Pakistan, and is thefinal interpreter of constitutional law.

The Supreme Court is denoted by SCOP. Prime minister selects Justices on merited qualification.Justices serve until at the age of sixty-five in offices of Supreme Court. After that, they will have to resign or are removed from court according to theConstitution.

My cousin who is a member of theSupreme Court. One day I decided to meet him in court and reach there. The present building of Supreme Court is amajestic addition to Federal Capital. The building is constructed of white marbles, whichshow thestrength of ruling laws in that institution.There is the great relief to easy access to justice because of benches of Supreme Court easily rotate between branch registries and seat of principle.

Building design

M/S Kenzo Tang Association designed the building of Supreme Court, which is a famous Japanese firm. The total cost paid in the existing area of thecourt was 605.960 million rupees and on the area under construction is estimated to 1069.293 million rupees. The electrical and civil problems are controlled by M/S moinsons Ltd and M/S Siemens Ltd.

There is themain block having impressive Hall entrance and there are many other rooms.`There is a cafeteria on the ground floor of theblock.Some area is under construction having blocks to construct of area 13400 square ft. While area which is constructed is 339861 square ft. The complete area that this building covered is 473861 square ft. There are many offices in blocks.

There is a council named as “Supreme Judicial Council” composed of two most senior Chief Justices of the High Courts,two most senior judges of Supreme Court and Chief Justice of Pakistan.The registrar acts as the secretary in Supreme Court. This Council makes investigations on thematter and presents its researches in front of thepresident. It depends on Supreme Judicial Council to remove a judge if they feel that Judge is incapable of fulfilling his duties, thepresident may order to remove the judge.

The common man rights are also preserved without any expense by complete trust and confidence.The relief is given I this court to common men from social evils like dangerous kite flying.

There I came to know many things about supreme court of Pakistan that how people in Pakistan got justice. That was a pleasant time that I spend with my cousin then we go for lunch and after that, I came back to my house from that peaceful and pleasant place.

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