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Sonmiani Beach

Traveling is a very important part of a person’s life, it helps the person in mental growth, it makes him aware of the condition going on in adifferent part of the cities, it helps to change the way of thinking.  Travelling is almost wished by all the human beings some want to travel for enjoyment and some want to travel for knowledge.

 We live in a country where there are many vacation spots but they are located on the northern side of the country. Considering the quality of our land, we can easily find the best place to sit and watch the waves of the sea, we can easily find sitting and camping on a rock and enjoying the valley from a height, we can easily enjoy the sand of desert where our feet can even be hidden within the sand and what not! This is Pakistan, a land full of nature.

Sonmiani Beach is a place where a person can have immense fun with family as well as with friends. It is located in the lasbela district of Baluchistan. Thebeach remained undiscovered until 2010 when it was discovered by some travel agency. when the public came to know about this beach they were astonished to know that such a beach is present near Karachi which is neat and clean as wells as easy to reach.

After watching the quality images of the beach and after the recommendations of many people I finally decided that, my next step of thejourney in traveling Pakistan is going to lead me to one of the famous beaches of Baluchistan and yes,that isSonmiani.

It was a fine pleasant morning when we started our trip to Sonmiani beach. The route to the beach was long as we were living in Karachi and the beach was located in lasbela district of Baluchistan.

So in order to reach Sonmiani beach we had to go through Hawks Bay, SITE area, HUB and then finally lasbela.

After reaching there our eyes were astonished to see the amazing view. The sea was calm, the birds were flying, the sun was reflecting its shine and we could clearly see our faces in the crystal clear water there were not many families present so that’s why the atmosphere was very calm.

Things to do at Sonmiani Beach


Sonmiani beach is a great spot for fishing some great suramaee fish is found here, which is very good in taste. People who are fond of fishing can fully enjoy over there because there is a whole setup of fishing in which you have to rent a boat, with the accessories of fishing, take the boat anywhere in the middle of the sea and enjoy your time fishing there. Not only has this but those who are fond of only tasting the deliciousness of fish also enjoyed by buying it from the market.


There are many villages near thesonmianibeach, which have some great taste of food, Balochi people are living there for decades so Balochisajji is very famous over there. Not only has this you can have your best lunch by hiring the hut over there and sitting by at your hurt you enjoyed your quality food by having the quality scene of the sea.


Sonmiani beach is one of the best beaches in the history of Pakistan, the water which is at that sea is of crystal blue color and the management does deserve hats off aperformance that even after so long they have kept their level same, unlike other beaches which were not taken care at all.

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