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Skardu Valley

Skardu is the heaven like aplace for the tourists and the mountain climbers.It is located in the north of Pakistan at the distance of 793 Km from Islamabad and is the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan.The 4 hills from the 14 hills of 8000m are situated around Skardu. Besides this, 100 mountains of 7000m length are also situated here.This is the reason that in the normal weather the tourists, visitors and the mountain climbers from all over the world are attracted in this amazingly beautiful valley. Skardu is also a district, which is bestknown for its good relations and serving the tourists.Its altitude is 7,500 ft and is in the back of Karakorum Range.

How to reach there

One day my friends and I decided to visit Skardu Valley about which we hadalreadyheard a lot about the valley and its many ofits beautiful things. We packed our luggage and started from Islamabad. We hire a taxi with a driver who was experienced to drive the car on mountains. The journey was of long duration, and we enjoyed on the way.The car passed through Rawalpindi and after about 24 hours, we reached in Skardu. This was the long journey to reach Skardu, but we didn’t feel bored because there we saw the borders of Karakoram and Skardu due to which we enjoy our journey.There are the large number of beautiful hotels in Skardu to stay which have all the facilities for tourists. As we reached in the evening, so we decided to take rest in one of the hotels.

Next day, we were excited to visit Skardu valley.There are three beautiful lakes near Skardu.There we hired a jeep to visit these lakes. These lakes were producing the eye touching scenery. The most famous lake there is the Shangri-laLake. The water of the lakes is pure and the fishes are seen to swim in this pure water of the lake, which produce a very beautiful scene. A small zoo is also present, and the facilities of horse riding are available there, which attracted us a lot.The lakes pass through the mountains, and the sunshine on this water and the fishes produce the charming view of this place, which makes a person fresh physically and mentally.

We capturedmany pictures for our memories of this heaven like place. The trees of apple and almond are present there. There is a passage for thepublic to reach the lake, which passes through the trees. Jeep and half by foot cover this half of this passage. The facility of camping is also available here. We made a camp on the passage. In Skardu, there is situated an ancient historical Fort named Mindoq-Khar in the name of Queen Mindq, on the high mountain. This fort was constructed in the 17th century. This very difficult to reach this fort because at some places during passage to this fort we have to climb.This fort is very beautiful.At long height, the scene of the whole of Skardu city gives the charming ad heart touching view.

We enjoyed the Skardu valley whole day, and in the evening, we made a camp there in the passage through mountains and at the nighttime the weather changes and the rain started. That was also a very pleasant moment, and then we came back to thehotel.

There are also available some parks in which Deosai Park is the most famous which catches the attractions of visitors. This park is famous for its natural beauty. This valley is situated in between the mountains range including K2, and in winter season, the snowfall provides the glorious view.

We enjoyed this place of natural beauty, and after spending some memorable days there that will always remain in our hearts, we came back home. This was a pleasant and memorable journey for us.

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