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Pakistan has somevalleys, and each of them has its beauty. However, Shogran Valley is more breathtaking than the other valleys as it is the collection of astonishing fauna and flora. Its natural beauty attracts many campers and people to visit this valley. Not only people living in Pakistan amazed by this beauty but also people from other countries visit this place and enjoy the spectacular view.

This valley has a lot to offer; one can enjoy the attractiveness of its glaciers, greenery, and mountains covered mostly with ice. This valley is just like a heaven on earth. The most romantic place for the lovers and is famous because of the peaceful environment, lovely and yet romantic weather and of course beautiful scenery and astonishing lakes. Every individual can feel relaxed and calm in this beautiful valley.

Shogran Valley is situated on a plateau that displays such breathtaking views of the area to its visitors. The striking scenery presented by this valley appears on a clear platform that is not distracted by the sight of peaks and can easily be viewed by the visitors. Located at the height of approximately 7,749 feet above the sea level, this valley spans a total of 2,362 meters. One of the nearest towns to the Shogran Valley is namedKiwai. Travelling to the valley is made more convenient through the construction of the metalled road that connects Kiwai to the federal capital Islamabad through a distance of 212 kilometres. Just 34 kilometres away from this valley exists a city named Balakot that could easily be travelled to via the road if its condition did not require a repair and reconstruction. Still, visitors can still travel to Balakot through a jeep or a 4-wheel drive.


The best time to visit this valley is in the summers i.e. June to August, as the area will be cleared and full of greenery. The weather remains pleasing in summers also as the continuous rains and thunderstorms keep the area cool and enjoyable.  In winters, it will be difficult because of the continuous snows and rains as it will block many routes and will provide great difficulty in reaching Shogran valley.


The best short-cut way to visit the Shogran Valley is the road from Islamabad to Kawai. People can also hire the public transport or the private jeep from Islamabad that will take people straight to the Shogran Valley.

People cannot hike or trek to the Shogran valley but do not worry you have the chance to hike to the nearly located mountains and lakes and experience the exciting nature of the valley.

Tourists can set up their camps at the Shogran Valley as a few years later the guesthouse located in the valley has destroyed, so people or tourists have to take care of one thing that either they bring their prepared food with them or prepare it by using stoves. 


For a safe trip and the best hiking experience several things that should be in mind when travelling to Shogran Valley. Mentioned below are some tips and precautions that should be followed for a safe trip.

•    Good and fit physical condition for hiking

•    All personal and trekking items should be carried

•    Travel with experienced drivers having good condition vehicles

•    Avoid travelling at night

•    Try to keep cash with you, as there is less possibility of ATMs


This famous valley of Pakistan is everyone’s dream to visit. Its pleasant weather, greenery, Yes Mountains, and glaciers are worth watching. Its beauty was more enhanced by the birds like peasants, pigeon, falcons, and hawks. Deer, wild sheep, and marmots are also found near the valley. These animals are mostly found in the summers and enhance the beauty of this valley. If you are interested in the natural beauty, then you will surely plan a trip to Shogranvalley, which is the ‘green heart of northern Pakistan’.

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