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Shigar Valley

Shigar Valley is watered by Shigar River, located in northern Pakistan. The valley is spread in anarea of 170Km. This is known as thegatewaytoKarakorumRange of mountains. Shigar valley was a sub-division of Skardu District and now is adistrict in itself. Several villages can be found in the valley but the Shigar town is the largest place for settlement. This beautiful place is known as the heart of Baltistan. The valley provides the eye catching view and if covered with lush green trees of many fruits including peaches, apricot, walnuts, pear, and grapes. This eye-catching place is also known as the paradise of Gilgit Baltistan.

Beauty of this valley

This valley covered with natural greenery and is surrounded by the lakes and lush green fruit trees. Many small villages and towns for settlement increase the beauty of this valley. The presence of atone of clouds and the huge and large mountains produce the heavenly beauty. Its cultural heritage and the natural greenery explore its beauty and provide the scenery like theview.As the largest settlement is Shigar town and the last settlement is Askole, which is at the large distance from the mountains. Valley consists of natural resources and is full of natural beauty.

Food in Shigar Valley

Almost 50000 people are living in this valley, they are simple and honest, and they eat organic foods. Foods there are healthy and fulfilling, organic food includes parathas and pasta. Every food there is deliciously experienced and is made by local chefs.The foods there are amazingly delicious and tasty.People, there are very generous and it’s surprising to meet them.

Shigar fort

Shigar Fort was the palace of Raja Shigar who was Raja of Baltistan, constructthis fort in the17thcentury, which isnow converted into the luxurious hotel and is 400 years old.There are the restaurants, many rooms and gardens are present in this fort.The gardens are known as the morning yoga spots and sunshine increases the charm of these gardens, which provide the scenery like theview.

There is also Skardu valley in Pakistan, which is famous for its beautiful lakes.Shigar valley, is located at the distance of 32Km from Skardu valley and is such an inspiring valley.

Best tourists spot

Tourists from all over the world visit this pleasant and peaceful place. They inspired of its beauty and admire the natural beauty of this place. They like to meet with people of this area.As this place is surrounded by the high mountains, mountain climbers visit this valley and enjoy trekking.They take pictures for their memorable purposes and can never forget its beauty once they visit this natural place.

This valley is one of charming, eye catching, pleasant, and scenery like view producing places of Pakistan. Tourists and visitors around the world visit this natural place and enjoy fruits of lush green trees.

In winter season, the snow falling increases the beauty of this place. However, the best time to visit this place is anautumn season. 

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