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Shangri-La Resort

Considering the hobby and passion of my travelling, I got a suggestion of not missing a visit to Shangri-LaResort, which is situated in Skardu; my visit to this place was just due to many praises, which I heard from many people. As we, all know that our northern Pakistan is full of landscapes that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Visit this resort is just a glimpse of heaven on the earth, from the entering to the exit everything was inch perfect and heart capturing in this resort.

Let me share my experience;

  1. A Beautiful Entrance

The first impression is the last impression, rightly said. This resort has one of the best entrance than any other places I would have visited. There was a one-sided small wooden type of bridge which had a path leading you to the resort and at one side of this path was all greenery, and at the other side, there was a beautiful lake, which was connected to the end of the building of this resort. Moreover, there were peacocks roaming and cheering all the way, the beauty and affection was multiplied when I saw those appealing birds living their life.

From the entrance, you can have a clear view of the resort, which is a traditional type of building, at ancient times, Chinese used to have such sort of castles. At the back of the resort, you can see those hilly areas having nature in all types; there were trees who leave were turning yellow, as it was spring all the way to get control of the season. Therefore, a little walk until the resort is a perfect glance of outstanding nature where we live in.

  • Resort

This resort could not have been better, the way it was designed from the outside; it was exactly as good from inside. Moving into the rooms I found that place the best place to rest, as you can lie freely on the bed, have a look outside the window; where there is a lake which consists of white swans and ducks enjoying swimming in the water. And from another view, you can have a look of the greenery outside where birds have the ball in roaming from one place to another.

All other accessories and resources provided to us by the resort weretotal with good services, and all of them were up to date, but a place where you can enjoy such beauty of nature, I believe you can manage to stay there in any condition.

  • Nights at Shangri-La

Just when the sun sets at Shangrila the beauty of this place starts to sparkle more, lighting arrangements are impressive.You can sit outside and enjoy the lights which will make the lake look like shining water and the greenery if brightens a little by those lights then it gives a look of all those movie scenes which we can only imagine to see it on the screens of our televisions.

  • Comforting

This resort is a perfect place to have an idea that what an amazing source of comfort is this place to humankind, positive vibes, calm and soothing. Come out of your busy normal day routine, take a break. Visit it! You may feel the change; there is necessary change allowed in everyone considering the need of relief in human’s mind. This place is one of the best places for adoring the beauty, enjoying your vacations, gaining your relief, taking out the daily routine stress and having your best time with your loved ones and family.

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