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Shandur Top

When it comes to travelling in Pakistan, then the northern Pakistan gets in every person’s mind automatically due to its richness in landscapes, environments and sceneries. When it comes to Shandur Top, then it is a memorable visit. This top, whichis located in Gilgit-Baltistan, which is the fifth and most recent province of our country, is one of the most inspiring locationsinPakistan; it’s named as thetop because of itslocation, which is somewhat at the top. It is known because of a river in between those mountains.

This river looks so comforting that one should even want to stay there forever, the lake is connected with the land, which is full of greenery, and the land hasits mountainous boundary, which is having snowy peaks.

The points below could describe it:

Geographically located

It is actually in between of the land and mountain, land which is a plateau somewhat consists of greenery and somewhat consists of rocky land.Its boundaries are all covered by the mountains, during the winter season between two months it remains frozen, its location is at such a height that people also call it “Roof of the World”. In aneasyword, it is a scattered land who has a lake in it, and it is covered with the mountainous region.


Weather most of the time stays low/cold, it gets frozen in winters as mentioned above but it is the quite appealing weather for those tourists of Pakistan who live in the areas where it is usually hot. Like I liked it because I am myself a Karachiite, this weather remains friendly besides the season when it gets frozen, people love to camp here, as it’s mostly covered with fertile grass all around.


Imagine a scenery of the place which is covered with the only greenery! Yes I know its pleasant but then imagining of a place which is green and has a lake alongside it, it adds beauty to it and now imagine a place having greenery as well as the lake as well as a beautiful mountain range with itself too. A combination of three most beautiful natural things is having the name of Shandur Top.


Shandur top is very famous for sports named as Polo, it’s a game which is not that quite common, but most Pakistanis have an idea about it.This game is played with the full house crowd in the stands over there yearly, different teams of that area participate in this game. Moreover, paragliding is also done over there, that stadium is known as Shandur Stadium, which is located in between that huge mountains.Moreover,the Pathans over there perform their cultural dance, which is very famous and watched all over the country via televisions too.

Tribal People

People who live there are usually belonging to the tribe of that district, and they make huts as they do not have much wealth to make concrete houses, people over there believe in farming and making theirearning from it, they do pet some kettle animals with them. It is known that the people who live there are habitual of speaking thekhowari language.


Comprehensively a must visit landscape is Shandur top where you can camp, enjoy the sports, enjoy the weather, live there for some days. There are very few natural places in the world, which Allah gifted this world to seek, enjoy and be thankful. Without any doubt, this roof of the world is one of that place which is covered with all of the most beautiful things present in the world.

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