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Pakistan is a land of natural beauties, which can be seen all over the country. From vast and beautiful deserts in Sindh and Baluchistan to the long going mountain ranges in the North, from the beautiful seacoast of the Arabian Sea to the wonderful and heart melting plains of Punjab, natural beauty is in abundance here. The rulers who came and ruled in this area over the period used the natural beauty and left some beautiful heritage that would not only enhance and uplift the beauty of the region but also keeps reminding us of their glory. Shalimar Garden is one of those kinds of heritage.

It is one of the Mughal heritage famously known as the “Mughal Garden” or the “Emperor Garden”, constructed by the great Mughal ruler, Shah Jahan. Anyone planning to visit Pakistan or anyone living in Pakistan who plans to go on a Pakistan tour cannot ignore visiting this historical and beautiful place.              

I am also one of those lucky ones who had the opportunity to visit this important and beautiful piece of history. Last month, I went on the Pakistan tour with my friends. We started on our journey with our first stop being the capital of Punjab, Lahore, the city famous for its Mughal traditions and due to it being the capital of Mughal era for a very long time. As we were about to start our trip, we just realized that the closest place near our hotel to visit was the Shalimar Garden so we went there as soon as we have had lunch.


When we entered the Shalimar Garden, we could just see the garden area spread out on such a large scale that no other place could be seen from that spot. It seemed like it was a never-ending place. The garden area was divided into different layers; each level went about 12-15 feet beneath the other one as we moved on. These levels had different terrace each with a certain name. I was so amazed at this that I went to every terrace and checked as to what names were given to each of them.

  • The upper-level terrace was named as Farah Baksh.
  • The middle-level terrace was named as Faiz Baksh.
  • The lower level terrace was named as Hayat Baksh.


As soon as we moved in, we could see beautiful and eye pleasuring fountains in front of our eyes. Each terrace had a great number of fountains, which took the beauty of this place to another level. Together there were around 410 fountains, which not only added beauty to this place but also gives a cool environment to the visitors for Lahore is amongst one of the hottest regions of the country. Also near the fountains, there were some beautiful flower pattern, which also portrayed the beauty of Mughal art. The greenery and the vast category of trees present in the garden supported these flower patterns. We could easily see multiple fruit trees all over the garden, which was very beneficial, was us since we were very hungry then and those fruits helped us fulfilling our hunger at that time.

After spending some time enjoying the beauty and cool and soothing environment of this place, we continued our journey and went on to visit other places of Lahore. This was by far one of the best visits to a historical, cultural and a monumental place in Pakistan and a worthy place to come by and spent one’s time and money.

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