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Satpara Lake

Pakistan a land full of sceneries and natural landscapes, having all source of entertaining and heart soothing places situated in every province and district of Pakistan. Lakes are mostly found to be the most peaceful and calm place to enjoy in all of the natural landscapes including; mountains, deserts, seashoresetc. because the water of lake stays at a steady level as well as in a fixed state. It remains steady and calm, people like to sit by the lake and enjoy the fresh water environment fully.

Pakistan is enriched with the so much of the lakes around by the whole country that it is not even easy to remember the names of all, we can roughly say that almost all of the provinces of this country does have a single lake at least on average. Today I am going to discuss upon the recent lake I visited upon the recommendations of many tourists which is named as “Satpara Lake”. It is actually located in Skardu, a city in the province of Gilgit-Baltistan. In the north of Pakistan at a height of more than two thousand if compared to sea level. The best quality of this lake is that it is a natural lake, which consists of fresh and clear water.

A trip to this lake can be very well defined by the qualities below.

  1. Location

This lake is located at a dream location of being in between of the tall mountainous ranges, having a light blue color of itself, which is itself really appealing. This place is great to enjoy while camping and mountain climbing. In between of the lake, there is a real piece of land, which could be used just for standing on it or for 2 to 3 people to camp there or just have a ball by sitting there.

  • Mountains

It is not only having the mountains by the border but the whole area where the lake is located is consisting of the range of mountains. The way, which is made which leads to the road also,Covers Mountain on it is both sides. So the actual camping which is not possible over there can only be done if we climb up the hill and find some good place to camp there, or else there’s no such place which would be that much good for camping. The real beauty of the lake is due to the giant guardians besides it.

  • Overall Natural Scenery

A lake covered with mountains, having greenery before it is just a dream place to visit. This scenery keeps on getting more beautiful at every season, which comes. Mostly this place is cold in the whole year, but rest of the seasons do affect, summer seasons stay the less and affects the less too, but spring and autumn are the best seasons to enjoy as greenery is either reproducing or at it’s very best in these seasons. After all, it is necessary visit place!


Pakistan is the best place for tourism, keeps on giving me different and new opportunities to visit and enjoy the new species of nature. Being a part of this nation, I am excessively thankful to the Almighty who has blessed this nation with each and everything, but maybe we should help ourselves too by doing some work, which could probably enhance the beauty to some extent. Giving good resources to such places is a bonus economically; our private investors should think about it, as there are many people not only from Pakistan but also from the whole word who would like to visit such places in Pakistan.

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