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Gorakh Hills -Murree of Sindh

Pakistan is a piece of land with so many tourist spots, people who allure for natural beauty over man-made attractions choose Pakistan over any other country.However, this country is full of ravishing places and heavenly scenes people usually opt for mainstream places than the one, which is less discovered, yet great sights to offer.

Gorakh Hill station is one of those less frequented holiday places about which people hardly know. It is not so typical yet the most remarkable place to visit. It is located in Sindh, yes; you read it right, Gorakh Hills is the only Hill station of Sindh, which people often mistake for barren land only in terms of offering fascinating places.

It is situated 423 km from Karachi and nearly 8 to 9 hours for driving distance. This hill station is located on one thehighest plateaus of Sindh.Word ‘Gorakh’ is derived from a Brahvilanguage, which means Wolf, in other tales and opinions, it is believed that a great saint, Sri Goraknath Ji, used to wander in hills of this region thus this place is named after him.

The exceptional thing about this place is its climate and temperature, which can drop up to 0 or 1 degree due to its altitude.Before reaching your destiny there are also so many eye-catching places that you will across once you set your journey for Gorakh hills that includes Wah Pandi,commonly known as Gorakh base, plenty of vehicles (mostly jeeps and 4×4) are usually lined up here to reach G-resort located at an elevation of 5500 feet. There is a common mindset that the roads leading to interior Sindh are not well-maintained and are severely damaged which is in my understanding could be a possible reason of lack of tourism here but in the recent times, National Highway authorities have done a great job by maintaining the roads of this region. People heading toward Gorak Hills usually drop by at Dadu district to pay their respect at the famous Sehwan Sharif.

While making your way towards Gorak Hills from Wah Pindi, one should avoid stopping in at any open place since according to the locals, these places are full of threatening wild carnivorous animals and venomous reptiles, however, this region is still ideal prospect for bird onlookers, you will get to see so many migratory birds here.

As you go ahead, further you will find yourself getting lost in the mesmerizing scenes of the place with descended sky you will feel as plunging through the white clouds making it indefensible that why this place is termed as ‘Murree of Sindh’.

Once you will set your foot on Gorakh Hills, you will find yourself being captived by its beauty. Sights of Gorakh Hills’ sunset are equally famous these sights can hold a person hypnotized for a momentso you will regret if you miss them. Once the sun sets, you can set your camps there and enjoy the night by lighting up bonfires and eatingbarbecue in dinners.

The beauty of this place is hard to summarize in a limited word article, so if you live in Sindh and looking for some exciting places to spend your vacations then this place is indeed the one.

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