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Culture is something, whichis defined by the way a language is used between people of the same country, as well as the dresses, which are worn by them, and by the way, they look or make themselves look in the front of the world. All of these gifts are given by the culture, every people has its own culture, which is adopted by them after watching their ancestors or by their religion. In the same way, Pakistan is also having its culture, which is depending on the different people living in here, which could belong to different tribes like Sindhi, Punjabi, etc.

Just because we have such vast variety of tribes living in Pakistan, which shows that there are different cultures, so for the sake of awareness among people there was a need for creating such place, which should be the example of showing the heritage of Pakistan. For that purpose LokVirsa was constructed which is also known as Heritage Museum, in Urdu people also call it “LokVirsaAjaibKhana”. It is located in the province of Punjab as well as the capital of Punjab and the capital of thewhole country Islamabad.

Heritage Museum was having such sources of interests

  1. Statue and Vex work

Starting from the first thing which will appear in front is going to be a statue of two camels, camels have always been historical to Muslims, as most our ancestors used to live in such places where camels, horses were a source of transportation. Moving on we can also find a bull cart, as still in Punjab, there are villagers who still use this cart as a source of income too, as they use it in transporting their goods from village to the city. A hut was also made which was having some of the villagers out of which an old man was smoking his hookah, a woman was cooking at a stove, which was made up of woods, which shows how people used to and villagers still spend their life this way. As there were many of such sculptures but I cannot explain all of them I would like to tell the last thing, which was actually astatue ofvex of leaders who played a vital role in the creation of Pakistan, they were Mohammad Ali Jinnah his sister Fatima Jinnah and Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan.

  • Pottery and Painting

In Pakistan, there are people who are still fond of using materials made up of clay, just because it has been in the heritage of Pakistan that people used it for a very long time. There were many pots, which were made up of clay having such different, and beautiful designs that one should love to keep them in their houses as a showpiece. Moreover, the painters or sketchers who painted and sketched the walls over there. Some of the walls were painted with the village life that how people spend their living over there, what do they do and at some walls, there were some famous lines or quotes written in Urdu with such appealing handwriting that one could not take his eyes off. 

  • Library

Alongside the museum, there is a library, which consists of a massive number of books that could give us the utmost knowledge of Pakistani cultures. The culture or heritage of Pakistan does not only belong to the variety of tribes but also upon the dramas, whichwere created over here, folk music, calligraphy, anthropology etc. This library is actually a reference book of the museum, if people gain more interest of anything in the museum than for further knowledge or guidance they lead themselves to this library.


Still, there are such people in Pakistan who love their history and culture the same way they love themselves, they really like to visit such places and they create interests in others who are not aware of such treasures, which our culture gave us.

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