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Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo is the 3rd oldest zoos in the world and the largest zoo in Pakistan. It is controlled by the organisation arranged by thegovernment.It covers an area of 25 acres. There are 1400 animals of 130 species. There are a large number of trees of about 1285 trees of 70 species.The other organisms including animals 1370 in number, birds of different species 990, 350 mammals of 45 species and 50 reptiles. Every year more than 3 million people including tourists from othercountries visit this Lahore zoo.The zoo expanded as the animals collection increased in thezoo while in astart this zoo was very small.

One day my family and I decided to visit Lahore zoo from Narowal.We started in the morning and reached in Lahore via our car. Lahore was at the distance of 100 Km from Narowal. We reached in about 2 hours in Lahore.While reaching zoo, we saw the Minar e Pakistan and Badshahi Masjid in the way.Then finally we reach the gate of the zoo.We bought the tickets there.The price of aticket for adults was RS 40 and was 20 RS for the children. There we saw the homes of Animals including tiger’s house, elephant house, Giraffe, Deer, monkey, crocodile ponds, snake’s house, etc. There we also saw the Fancy Aviary houses, whichcontain the variety of birds including beautiful parrots, fowls, doves and pigeons.It also contains European rabbits, tortoises, Indian wolves and junglecats, etc.

We saw the boards placed outside the house of each animal, which gives the information about the animals.Many children entertain by taking rides on camels.There are also many areas for the public to enjoy the picnics there.People can enjoy the beautiful scenery of green trees during picnic there. There are also statuesof some animals are placed there at the high places. The statue of the elephant named “Suzi” looks very beautiful. A cafeteria, footpaths and umbrella benches, water coolers of pure water and new waste bins are also present in the zoo.

For the education purpose, the students come here, and they are allowed to touch the animals skins, feathers, horns and eggs, which are set up by the zoo administrations. The zoo is also prepared the posters of endangered species of Pakistan including the Dolphin of the Indus River.

We realise there that the Lahore zoo is not the healthier one because there is the lack of the facilities or the animals and the ill treatment of animals. The animals were found to be engaged in suffering from the acute weather conditions. Zoo has no facilities to cool them. These facilities are out of reach because of loadshedding or other disrepair.

In thezoo, we came to know that the only elephant in the zoo named Suzidied of some disease. That elephant had made the mark in the hearts of people.The death of that female elephant fall people in sorrow. The elephant was brought from Africa in 1992 and died in 2017 at the age of 31. It is considered the carelessness of the departments of animals health in the zoo.While the average age of elephants is 85.Zoo was famous for the Suzi and children were riding in 20 but after this Suzi was not well for this.

We took our lunch there in the cafeteria. Took the pictures of animals, the peacock dancing pictures, we captured for our memories. This place is very beautiful for the enjoyment and memories that can never be forgotten. Then we came back from thezoo with the sweetmemories, which are in our hearts forever.

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