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Katpana Desert

Pakistan, a place full of miracles. This country is enriched with the gifts of nature everywhere. One could take his whole life to travel completely from Karachi beach to Pak-China border, even after that there would be some miraculous natural sceneries, which would be missed by him. I had never heard before about any desert, which could also be located at such place where the maximum temperature is 27-degree centigrade, which clearly shows how cold city it is. The miraculous thing is having a desert at such place, which is mostly found in the whole world at such places where the temperature is too hot or too dry. Skardu does not have anything common between both conditions of having a desert but the fact is that it is having it with the name Katpana Desert. 

This desert is actually known as acold desert due to the cold temperature it keeps. It shows different of its colors in different seasons of the year, sometimes it’s having a dusty color which a normal sand has but when it starts to snowfall then the layer of the desert starts getting icy day by day, until the day the whole desert covers up with the icy layer.

Before knowing about this desert, I used to praise and recommend people to visit Skardu so that they may come up with the beautiful valleys, lakes and mountainous view of Skardu but now I should say that one should also visit there just because of the desert, which is itself an example. It is actually located near the airport of Skardu, along with some another desert as well.

It has an ideal location, as it is the world’s highest desert, it is having the growth of life from the mountainous area, the whole boundary is covered with large mountainsand near the mountains,and there is some partial greenery after which the desert actually starts.

The weather over there stays polite between the summers, it is a bearable weather but when it comes to being cold then no place could get as cooler then Skardukatpana desert. Due to the difference of weather it keeps on changing its environment too. When it ishot, the desert starts looking original and the sky gets way to clear, meanwhile, mountains show their original colors. However, when it iscold or the snowfall becomes a usual weather then the desert covers the icy layer, peaks of themountain get completely white and the sky looks covered with clouds everywhere.

As it is a deserted area then people mostly do not camp there, but they visit such place on a car, which is usually meant to drive on desert. People visit this desert in the daytime enjoy the weather while staying in their cars, have their best of time and leave after evening because when the sun starts to set then as there are not many resources of getting a clear or brightened way. People do camp over here but at such place, which is not covered by the desert, means at such land, which is not much sandy like adesert and does cover some greenery too; these sort or areas are mostly found near the mountains.

Pakistan is a land full of different types of sceneries, weathers, landscapes and some of the world’s best and worldsvery. This desert is mentioned as the world’s highest desert and we should be thankful forAlmighty to be the national of such country, which is unlimitedly filled with the variety of nature everywhere. Every town, village, city, district has its own fame at which people are really blessed.

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