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Hindu Kush

Pakistan is a land full of every gift provided by the nature, such as mountains, seashores, deserts, etc. when we come to talk about the northern side of Pakistan then there is a list of mountains ranges which are situated in Pakistan, tourists every year visit the northern side and enjoy the outstanding beauty of nature over there. The most famous names of ranges are theKarakorum, Himalaya, and the Hindu Kush out of which Hindu Kush comes on third, keeping in mind that there are many more of the mountain ranges, which I have not discussed.

When it comes to the Hindu Kush, its actual location could be described by telling about two different countries, which are Afghanistan and Pakistan, because this range is covering the border of these two countries. It has its most of the part situated in Afghanistan and lesser is on the northern side of Pakistan. Tirich Mir is known as the highest peak of this range, this mountain is actually located in Chitral. The people who used to live in these mountainous areas where used to be the followers of Buddha who started the religion Buddhism, their ancient monasteries are somewhere situated in the same mountainous range.

Caucasus Indicus or Paropamisadae are the two other names of Hindu Kush and the reason why it is so famous are the delightful places where every year uncountable tourists visit. Sceneries, which facilitate the tourists, are

  1. Valleys

Valleys have the most delightful and heart-soothing view according to me if we compare it with any other natural sceneries, Hindu Kush range does have the valley, which is situated in Hunza, and it is one of the most famous valleys of Pakistan, which is having the boundary covered with mountains of Hindu Kush. People love visiting Hunza because it is a place where one can have adventurous travel, enjoy the glaciers, mountains, and camping as well.

  • Lake

Lakes are such sort of God gifted creation, which benefits us with fresh water, which comes into form by the help of glaciers, which melts in summer, and the water from the mountains, make a way at a place where they can stay and that is known as alake. The most famous lake which is in the way of this range is Lake Saif ul Muluk, one of the most visited lakes of Pakistan which give the best view of a lake having crystal blue water and beside the lakes are the large peaks of the mountain ranges. Not only that but the largest fresh lake in Asia is also bordered by the ranges of the Hindu Kush, none other than Wular lake which is situated in the disputed territory of Azad Jammu Kashmir

  • Archaeological Sites

The people who used to live there once, who were the follower ofBuddha they actually built their monumental statues at the ranges of Hindu Kush. There are many places where they constructed their religious place to worship, which consists of many statues. Like there is a place named as Buddhas of Bamiyan, which is located in Bamyan, moreover, there is also an ancient fort, which is known as Batit Fort,and it is so old that UNESCO decided to keep it as their heritage.


Sights defined above are just a few out of numerous of sights which I haven’t even mentioned which means Hindu Kush might not be the longest mountainous range but it is one the luckiest or blessed range, which is having a list of a number of places to visit. It is having a combination or old ancient relics to modern buildings and natural sceneries to artificial beauty. Visiting such places but not knowing about this range could be somewhere unfair to this huge natural gift.

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