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Pakistan a wonderland for the tourists, a nature land for the nature lovers, a miracle for the people who have not explored it yet. God gifted us Pakistan not to just practice our religious beliefs but also to explore and enjoy the land to its peak, even He wanted his mankind to live in such a place where there are enormous places showing their magic since it was even discovered. Over the last few years, tourism may have been deducted to some ratio due to the terrorism is done by our foes but still strong Pakistanis show them every year by visiting such places again and again and our army which is not less than anyone never holds back in defending this miraculous gifts gifted to us by Allah.

The Northern side of Pakistan is the richest amongst all parts of Pakistan, it has the most soothing, calm and beautiful sceneries one could have ever visited and experienced. Chiporsun Valley is just the gold of the same treasure which northern side is full of; it is also known as Chipursan, which is, situated in Gojal a district of Gilgit-Baltistan. The valley could be known as the most northern part of Pakistan, because after that the neighboring country Afghanistan, with China starts bordering Pakistan, which proceeds until Tajikistan.

My travel to such place can be defined by such points:

  1. Route to Valley

A perfectly placed route is made to valley, where you can have experienced the fast windy atmosphere, having some cold temperature with it, breezes everywhere and a calm and less noisy environment, where there is total land with mountains of different sizes and shapes. At the exact front of the road is a range of gigantic mountains, which look like black and they have their peaks covered with ice. Proceeding on the route at one place we will also experience the greenery where people could also be found riding horses.

This valley is having 80% of its area covered by the mountainous range; there are cliffs,hills, and mountains. The land of this valley is also a plateau having some fertility. The peak of mountains covered with the ice looks so amazing, that one do really wish to hike and climb that peak to have a look for once all by yourself that how does it actually feel to stand on an icy peak of a gigantic mountain. This interest does get developed when we witness the hikers hiking that same mountain.

After the mountains there comes greenery, the land is full of greenery everywhere. There are different types of trees, bushes, plants, some of them grow fruits some of them are tall, etc. A green loving person would never want to leave such places; greenery is also good for our health as it creates oxygen in the whole daytime.

People of this place are belonging to Ismaili sect of Islam, they have adifferentlanguage, which is known as Wakhi language, and nonetheless, they are really hospitable and warm in their nature.


Being thankful to the almighty who gifted Pakistan a place like this and made us the nation of this same state where we can freely visit and enjoy the glance of heaven anytime. Nature is a real gift of God due to which we can relax, enjoy and ease our life. A combination of great mountains, fertile lands, greenery everywhere, fresh water in form of lake, wildlife having ball at its peak has a name and that is Chiporsun

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