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Fairy Meadows

When it comes to talk about nature, then one place does come in mind in every Pakistani, and that is northern Pakistan. This is one of the most revenue making theplace of Pakistan, which benefits us with millions of rupees; tourists come to this place around the whole world. The main reason for its fame is that this place has a quality weather when the season is opened for tourists, it does not allow the tourism for 365 days. Tourists rush to book their place at fairy meadows because they actually cannot take any risk of losing any chance at their whole life to visit such beautiful example of nature.

This place is based upon its greenery, which covers its whole part but this is not it. The interesting part of this greenery is that it gives you a great scene of ahuge mountain range in front of you, that mountain range is no other than Nanga Parbat which starts from northern Pakistan and ends at Nepal.

The reasons why would one love to visit this place are given below

  1. Greenery

The most famous thing about this place is greenery; it is renown because of its endless greenery, whichis distributed in the forms of grass, bushes, trees, etc. Due to this much greenery herbivores are found in numbers over here, sheep, goats, horses,etc. are found roaming and munching here. Every beautiful nature does consist of wildlife; camping sounds more entertaining when you are living with other beings than human around you imagine waking up one morning with the goat bleating. It looks funny for once, but it issomething, which remains memorable. Green lovers would love to visit such place, so it isnecessary visit for them already.

  • Mountainous View

It adores when you watch in movies that a hero wakes up and gets out of the house, which shows a beautiful view of mountain ranges just in front covered with whole snow and a snowy breeze going on, we can experience this scenario by visiting this place. People camped at such place from where they can adore the beauty of mountain from their camps while having their talks in between.

  • Traveling details

The management of Shangri-La Resort gives a full package; they have all requirements for local tourists as well as foreign tourists.

  • Tourist attractions….what all attracts the tourists

Being at a plateau covered with all grass, where you can camp easily and even enjoy there without camping. Below that plateau is the greenery where animals love to feed themselves, as it is quiet below from the camping area. Proceeding on there is a bunch of trees, which is usually shaped like a small forest. Last but not the least comes the mountainous range where the huge gigantic mountains are covered with icy peaks and glaciers.

  • Different From Other Places

Scenes, which keep it different and ideal,are the beautiful view, whichcould not be defined well even if countless praises are done. These sort of environments are only found in movies, but what is found in movies is somewhere in real, and yes this is it.


Making a plan with friends or with families then do not forget to mention the name of Fairy Meadows, it’s worth spending your saving or money to visit and enjoy a wonderful place with endless scenery and countless miracles of nature. Being thankful to nature and Almighty for gifting such places where one can release their stress and enjoy their moment to its very best.

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