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Concordia is also known as a place within Karakorum Range, which is one of the highest mountainous range of Pakistan. This place is namedafter some explorer, who was not from Asia from any other continent, and he named it by his mother tongue, which he used to speak, this place is in between of the two different glaciers and those glaciers belong to two very large range peaks of Pakistan. One of them mountain is K-2 which is known Godwin Austin meanwhile other is Baltoro Glacier. These two are mentioned in the highest peaks of Pakistan, from which K2 is number one of Pakistan and the second highest in the whole world.

Concordia is highly famous because of its unique and ideal location; there is a small merging of the land between two glaciers, this place is actually in between of the world highest peaks. It has a cold weather, whichcannot be survived easily without enough preparations; the reason cold nature is due to enough height and ice glaciers at the whole boundaries.

Things to be enjoyed

Mountainous View

The most variety of nature, which you can examine, is the different type of mountains; there are at most 4 different mountains located at the boundary of this confluence, people love to climb here and hike too. Hiking is only allowed to some extent over here, as some of the peaks are very different in sizes and not in good shapes, which would help in hiking, only professionals are allowed.


Camping is the most common activity done at this place, people from all over the world visit this place to camp at a rocky surface just because to have a view of the surroundings which is covered with snow and glaciers. Having such beautiful view where you can enjoy the cold weather to its utmost peak. Camping is usually done on the riverside or valley etc., but this place proves that it is not necessary to camp only over there; the best part of camping is in nights. People bring their appliances for night stays, and they enjoy their nights with acold breeze, coffee, kahwa (Pakistani pushtonsdrink), etc. The second plus point of enjoying the scenes starts at night.


Consisting of an outstanding scenery this place adds more votes in favour of having a tour here, starting with the mountains. It has a range of different huge black mountains having white coating at the peak, which is the ice, and thencome roads near this place; all the roads are madeof the mountains, whichmean that on the both sides of the road consists tall range of mountains. Glacier streams are also there which are usually looking like a pond but at the boundary of thepond there consists white tall mountainous type glaciers, which melt into fresh and cold drinking water. We can also experience the natural phenomena of glacier being formed over there, at many sports glacial formation are happening very commonly, and people do arecord that on their phones or cameras.


Considering the location of Pakistan, we as a Pakistani are quite lucky to be a part of this land, which gives us such beautiful, and intimidating views from time to time and place to place. Concordia is one of the places where people should visit, at least visiting once is what that place deserves. I would like to conclude my article by being thankful to the Almighty who gave me a chance to visit this place and more thankful to give a chance to make people aware of the hidden beauties of Pakistan.

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